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  • China Ministry of Water Resources
    According to the working demand of water conservancy and features of satellites, the Voip solution was used to these areas:Satellite communications...
  • Gild Section UC Solution
    Electrical dispatching data network is one of private& dedicated network for electrical automatic application. And it is an important bases for dispatching, producing network for the security of whole industry.
  • National Defense Filed Arm Dispatch Solution
    To fulfill demand of information requirements and upgrade war power on army, Chinese military start to renovate the whole army. Reliability & stability were exigent. Traditional talkback system cannot fulfill new communication...
  • Oil Filed UC Solution
    Petrol industrial schedule system is based on its internal private network. Through this system, all teams or department including logging, producing, or other working team people can communicate with each other...
  • ISP & ITSP Solution
    With the development of modernization, our telecommunication like NGN telecom has been step onto digital times.Development of NGN can be divided into 2 steps: softswitch and IMS (IP multimedia system).
  • Express Way Broadcast & Intercom Solution
    People who go on a travel by high-way as their main choice; road situations were more and more affected by weather, traffics and speed. Any kind of small car accident may course a serious traffic jam on high-way.
  • Water Resources Section Emergency Satellite IP Communication Solution
    With the development of information construction, Water conservancy bureau upgraded its requirement on information transformation. Satellites are indispensable especially in water industry.
  • Mining Dispatch Solution
    With the fast developing of IP communication, simple dispatching system cannot fulfill all requirements proposed by different department of administration.Centnet developed an intelligent...
  • Bank ATM Help Intercom Solution
    ATM automatic bank system is one of most important bank service now. You can despot or withdraw cash there at any time. It was efficiently relieve stress of bank teller.IBS helpline system was not only a help system...