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Centnet Listed On New OTCBB

Centnet was listed on National stock exchange on 8th Jan,2015

Short name of stock: Centnet

Stock codec: 831604

When we were successfully listed on NEW OTCBB, it means Centnet will be going to public stock capital market as an public company. We will more strictly regulate the company operation, accelerate construction of the modern company system. Centnet will continue dedicating to VOIpindustry, at the same time, to speed upresearch of mobile internet to provide more valued applications. Centnet is aiming to list on GEM board within the following 3 years

Information fraud prevention system was deployed Shenzhen Public Security's network

Centnet technology {Stock code: 831604) Skynet action to tackle a sword, to protect citizens' property. Our information fraud prevention and control platform has strongly approved by public security network supervisor, criminal investigation and command center, meanwhile we made great achievements. Century Information Fraud Prevention and Control Platform is composed of 6 parts systems, including Smart Call Tracker against telephony fraud, Online Banking Blocker, mobile phone firewall, call center and enterprise telephone firewall system, and scanning blocker. Among them, Smart Call Tracker against telephony fraud and online Banking Blocker was awarded the title of high-tech products of Guangdong province.CCTV channel 12, the law program made a strong presentation of Centnet Information Fraud Prevention and Control platform for 8 minutes and 19 seconds.