Every moments in the history of Centnet.We invite you to take a tour through the most important milestones in Centnet's past.
2015 - Listed on National stock exchange.
2015 - Listed on National stock exchange.
Jan 2015, Listed on National stock exchange.
2014 - Lauch of Information Fraud Prevention & Control Platform.
2013 - Grant of national Hi-Tech company.
2012 - Centnet COREX1000 Dispatching Console is launched
2012 - CNG series VoIP Gateway pass SGS test.
2012 - Centnet becomes ZTE OEM partner.
2012 - Centnet establishes R&D partnership with Huawei.
2012 - Centnet establishes partnership with Laos Telecom and Public Security Bureau.
2012 - Launch of Corex1000 series-IP Dispatch Platform.
2011 - Centnet provides VoIP solution for WUC (the word university championship)
2011 - The founder of Centnet, Mr Mr Litao is awarded the prize of the Leader of Science & Technology...
2011 - Centnet R&D center is set up in Dongguan Songsan Lake.
2011 - Centnet patent of Stun Technology is approved.
2010 - ISO9002 quality system is certified.
2009 - Centnet provides VoIP solution for China National Aviation Fuel.
2009 - Centnet provides VoIP solution for mining site of Hunan Nonferrous Metals.
2009 - Centnet provides VoIP solution for a province project from PICC(People's Insurance Company of China) Shanxi.
2009 - Centnet is awarded the Best-Solution-Provider by Global IP Telecommunication Alliance.
2009 - Launch of 4 series of new VoIP Gateways, X6 UC system and CNview management system.
2008 - Launch of CNG6000-32 channels VoIP gateway.
2008 - Launch of X6-UC system for enterprise and call center.
2008 - Centnet starts call center business, and grows up with great achievement of establishing partnership...
2008 - Centnet provides VoIP solution for Everest private VoIP line project, Emergency telecommunication...
2008 - Centnet VoIP traffic center is founded.
2007 - CMC3.3 upgrade version and smartbillig 2.4 are released.
2007 - Launch of CNG850 & CNG350-Smart Routing VoIP Gateway.
2006 - Centnet provides NTK with VoIP solution covering the whole territory of United States.
2006 - Centnet releases X5-IPPBX for enterprise UC.
2006 - Launch of softswitch CMC3.0 based on H.323 and XMC1.0 based on SIP,as well as Smartbilling 2.0.
2006 - Home sales-channel structure is organized.
2006 - Centnet collaborates with Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications to set up...
2006 - Centnet starts national exhibition tour in major cities in China, including Shenzhen...
2006 - the core software of IAD is awarded Shenzhen Outstanding Software prize CTI forum awards Centnet VoIP...
2005 - Beijing sales office is set up in Beijing.
2005 - the 2nd group of overseas branches are set up to provide prompt and local service to customer.
2005 - National Science and Technology issues the certificate of National Torch Project to Centnet.
2005 - Launch of 2-channel smart IAD-CNG200.
2004 - Shenzhen Science and Technology Information Bureau issues the certificate of High-Tech Enterprise to Centnet.
2004 - Centnet wins the tender of Guangdong Public Security Level -4 VoIP network composed of more than...
2004 - Launch of CNG300 and CNG800-new generation of 2 to 16 channels IAD...
2004 - EasyTrans, the stun technology is released.
2004 - Centnet is formed in Shenzhen.